The Centre’s mission to examine environment and health associations depends on data from large groups of healthy people or patients (cohorts) that are large enough to detect the effects and with sufficient information to produce robust results.

The cross-cutting theme on Cohorts and Data Resources aims to maximise the value of the extensive set of cohort platforms led by the Centre or on which it collaborates. The goal is to increase the phenotype and exposure information available in the Centre’s cohorts and to expand biological collections, providing opportunities to conduct novel investigations of environment and health and developing research platforms of value for future research.

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Key Projects and Papers

Airwave (Elliott) [1,2]
n=~50,000 UK police officers and staff; mean age 40 years at baseline
• Occupational prospective cohort study of the British police forces on possible health effects of TETRA radio system
• Occupational, lifestyle and socioeconomic status information
• Biobank established with DNA, plasma, sera, urine
• GWAS, epigenetics, metabolomics (1H NMR spectroscopy, MS)

ALEC: Ageing Lungs in European Cohorts (Jarvis)
8 cohorts in multiple countries; ECRHS III; n=26,000
• Multi-cohort study to improve understanding of risk factors for low lung function, respiratory disability and development of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD)
• Includes European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS) coordinated by Imperial College

CHILL: Children’s Health in London and Luton (Griffiths [QMUL], Kelly)
n=1,800 primary school children ages 6-9 years in each of London and Luton
• Four-year study to determine whether reducing air pollution from traffic (uLEZ intervention in London) improves lung growth and respiratory health in primary school children; commenced 2018
• Links detailed clinical assessments (lung function, eNOS) with primary care records
• Biobank suitable for proteomic and metabolomics analysis

CLUE: Cognitive DeveLopment in the Urban Environment (Toledano)
Biological samples n=200; Birth data records n=1,220
• Investigate effects of urban environments on cognitive development due to long-term exposures to air pollution and noise from traffic; commenced 2018
• Subset of the SCAMP cohort
• Measuring biomarkers of exposure (metals) and response (oxidative stress, neuronal injury/inflammation) in urine and saliva

COSMOS: Cohort Study of Mobile Phone Use and Health (Elliott, Toledano) [3]
n~300,000 internationally, (n~100,000 UK); Age 18+ at baseline
• World’s largest mobile technologies-health research study
• Phone traffic data from mobile phone operators in the UK, linked to the NHS Digital patient tracking service. Data on diet, health, lifestyle, home environment, environmental exposures
• Direct follow-up with cohort participants in the UK, via an online questionnaire ongoing with ~40,000 responders so far.

INTERMAP: INTERnational study of MAcronutrients & BP (Elliott) [4]
n~4,700 Ages 40-59 years USA, China, Japan, UK
• Clarify the role of dietary and other factors in the development of unfavourable BP levels; rural Beijing sample part of AIRLESS
• Clinical measurements and questionnaire data
• Urinary 1H NMR spectroscopic profiling
• Direct-injection mass spectrometry (DIMS) data

Lifepath (Vineis) [5,6]
N~109,000, 45- 90 years (37 cohort studies, 24 countries)
• Multi-cohort population-based study to assess the association of low socioeconomic status and risk factors for non-communicable diseases with loss of physical functioning at older ages.
• Omics (GWAS, epigenome, proteome, metabolome)

NFBC: Northern Finland Birth Cohorts ‘66/86 (Jarvelin) [7]
n~21,000. Data on parents and offspring (total n ~70,000)
• Two prospective birth cohorts of women and offspring collected at 20-year intervals from the same provinces of Oulu and Lapland
• Environmental, clinical disease-related data, available omics (GWAS, epigenome, proteome, metabolome)

SCAMP: Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile Phones (Toledano) [8]
n~6,600. Age at baseline 11-12 years; Biozone n~2,000
• Effect of mobile phones and/or other technologies on cognitive and behavioural development of adolescents across London
• Cognitive function, technology use, health, lifestyle, social and physical environments, air and noise quality measurements
• Biological sampling of ~2,000 cohort members at baseline and follow-up; additional measurements e.g. lung function

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