The Steering Committee is the senior management and decision-making forum of the Centre. In addition to the Director, Deputy Director and the leads of the Centre's main research programmes and cross-cutting platforms, the Committee membership includes representatives of the Investigators, of the Wider Engagement and Joint Training Programme, and of the Researchers' Society. The Steering Committee meets approximately every two months.

For more information see: Steering Group -terms of Reference

Professor Paul Elliott Centre Director
Professor Frank Kelly FIEnvSc FRCP (Hons) Deputy Director, Theme Lead: Environmental Exposures
Professor Marta Blangiardo Theme Lead: Biostatistics and Data Sciences
Professor Majid Ezzati Theme Lead: Healthy Cities, Healthy People
Professor Debbie Jarvis Theme Lead: Cohorts and Data Resources
Professor Paolo Vineis Theme Lead: Molecular Signatures and Disease Pathways
Professor Mireille Toledano Centre Investigators' Representative
Dr Ian Mudway PCIEP Coordinator
Dr Frédéric Piel and Dr Stephanie Wright Joint Training Programme Director and Deputy Director
Ms Ruthie Parsons and Mr Joseph Levermore Researchers’ Society Co-chairs
Ms Anastasia Ioakeimidou and Ms Angela Lewis Centre Scientific Manager and ERG Associate Director