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The Molecular Signatures and Disease Pathways programme aims to improve our understanding of the causal link between exposures to common environmental contaminants and disease, by characterizing the individuals’ external and internal exposome (i.e. the sum of all exposures from conception onwards) particularly during critical periods of life, e.g. in utero, in childhood, etc.

Our research in this area involves large population studies with collection of biological samples, using novel study designs and advanced multi-omic technologies (including epigenetics, proteomics, transcriptomics or metabolomics) to identify biomarkers of exposure and/or disease.

The ultimate goal of this research is to reduce uncertainties in assessing the risk related to common environmental contaminants, by characterising the molecular signatures (biomarkers) of these exposures and identifying plausible pathways or networks through which they lead to disease initiation or progression. We are also exploring new approaches to measuring external exposures, including the use of silicone wristbands.

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Key Projects and Papers

• The EU FP7 EXPOsOMICS study demonstrated new approaches to assess environmental exposures and their effects, primarily focusing on air pollution and water disinfection by-products (DBPs). We showed that: different components in complex mixtures can act through separate or common molecular or metabolic pathways; levels of exposure to PM10 experienced in utero in four European areas influence cord blood metabolomic signals, and this can be perceived at low levels of exposure; chronic exposure to air pollution perturbs key pathways, that in turn are involved in asthma and cardiovascular disease.

• The Horizon 2020 LIFEPATH, and DynaHEALTH projects applied multi-omic technologies to decipher environmental signals and their biological signatures and interactions. LIFEPATH investigated the determinants of diverging ageing pathways among individuals belonging to different socio-economic groups to identify the mechanisms by which the upstream and social determinants of health operate. In particular, we showed that, among other omic markers, epigenetic age acceleration is associated with risk factors for health and also to socio-economic status.

• The AIRLESS population panel study in inner and outer Beijing involves individual personal exposure monitoring of PM2.5, NO2/NOx, and O3 over a 7-day period in winter and summer seasons. We will carry out metabolomic analyses in blood samples obtained from AIRLESS participants for molecular signatures of these exposures, as demonstrated in the randomised Oxford Street II study which provided a proof-of-principle of the approach.

• We developed a new conceptual framework for improving hazard identification and risk assessment based on the model of pathway perturbation and “meet-in-the-middle”, i.e. agnostically investigating associations between exposures and omic perturbations, and between omic perturbations and disease outcomes, then identifying overlapping pathways that indicate plausible causal relationships and provide mechanistic evidence.

• We participated in the report of the US National Academy of Sciences report “Using 21st Century Science to Improve Risk-Related Evaluation”. Showing that the exposome paradigm can be applied to advanced risk assessment procedures for regulatory purposes.
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