Health Protection Research Units and MRC support public and community involvement

The NIHR-funded Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs) in Environmental Exposures and Health and Chemical and Radiation Threats and Hazards, together with the MRC Centre for Environment and Health, have announced the three winners of the Public and Community Involvement, Engagement & Participation (PCIEP) 2023 seed fund, who were awarded £1500 each:

1. Sean M Gettings (UK Health Security Agency) will involve public participation, involvement,
and engagement as a first step in developing a Nationwide MouldMap for the Index of Indoor Mould Species
and associated health outcomes.



2. Yukari Ishikawa (Imperial College) aims to design an innovative digital platform for primary school children,
ages 9 to 10 years old, to raise awareness of microplastic pollution and health research.




3. Lan Cheng (Imperial College) will enhance SCAMP Research Challenge strategies and framework by partnering
with the industry to develop diverse training programmes for Sixth Form students.



The Public and Community Involvement, Engagement & Participation (PCIEP) Seed Fund is designed to encourage early career researchers from the HPRUs and the MRC Centre for Environment and Health to develop and deliver new innovative involvement engagement and participation initiatives.

For more information on the fund, and information on how to apply for funding in 2024, please email